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Are you a Digital Pace-setter or a Cautious Connector? We’ve identified five digital clans in New Zealand, each with different approaches and behaviour when it comes to online security. Take The Digital Clans Quiz to find out which digital clan you belong to, and get some tips for staying safer online.

New Zealanders are pretty clued up when it comes to making the most of what the internet has to offer.

From the wired-in Digital Pace-setter to the hesitant Cautious Connector, the way we use and think about the internet has revealed five distinct Digital Clans that fit our different approaches to online security.

Take the Digital Clan Quiz to find out which clan you belong to - it's fun and a great way to find easy tips that could help you stay safer online, no matter how you use the internet.


Meet the Digital Clans of New Zealand


The Digital Cowboys

You use the internet for lots of different activities, particularly entertainment and social media.  Your smartphone or tablet is your constant companion! Trouble is, you can be a bit of a risk-taker. Clicking links from senders you don’t recognise or ignoring warnings from your anti-virus software can open you up to security breaches. This can affect your online accounts, and set your contacts up to receive spam or viruses too. 

The Cautious Connectors


You don’t spend a whole lot of time online; mainly it’s just for getting the basics done. You know it’s important to protect yourself online, but you might not be quite sure about the best ways to do it. The good news is that improving your digital security is pretty easy – it’s not too complicated or expensive to take the basic steps to protect yourself online and still enjoy the great benefits the internet has to offer.

The Digital Converts

You mainly use the internet for entertainment and keeping in touch with friends and family, as well as banking and shopping online, but you might not yet be fully up to speed with how to keep yourself fully protected online. The internet is a great tool, but it also brings with it some risks.

The Constant Connectors

You’re not super techy, but you love keeping up with what’s happening with friends and family on social media. Your smartphone is always at your fingertips and you often download or stream your favourite movies or TV shows. Generally, you judge a site’s security based on whether or not it looks dodgy, which can be risky…

The Digital Pace-setters

You know your way around the internet and you’re pretty good at protecting yourself online across all of your devices. Friends and family may also look to you and ask for your help in resolving technology-related issues they’re experiencing. Be careful not to get too complacent, though – cyber security threats are changing all the time and there’s probably more you could be doing to protect yourself, your friends and your family. 

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Question Number 1

A lot of the time I spend online is for relaxation or entertainment

Question Number 2

I'm very vigilant about my online security

Question Number 3

I think people share too much private information about their lives online

Question Number 4

People ask for my advice on dealing with cyber security issues

Question Number 5

My social media activity is an important extension of my personality

Question Number 6

I would feel disconnected without the internet

Question Number 7

Browsing and interacting online is one of my favourite things to do in my spare time

Question Number 8

I feel confident in my ability to identify scams and unsafe websites

Question Number 9

Experiencing a cyber security breach would make me feel uncomfortable about using the internet in future

Question Number 10

I mostly use the internet to connect with, and share experiences with friends and family

Question Number 11

Downloading pirated material on to my computer seems too risky in my opinion

Question Number 12

I have clicked on a link from a sender I didn’t recognise in the last 6 months

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